Janie Finlay will contest the seat of Rosevears in the 2020 Legislative Council Elections.

I have always been proud of the way that I serve our community as an independent.

It was therefore really clear to me that the best place that I can serve is from the Legislative Council.

I have always been a strong and passionate advocate and ambassador for both Launceston and Northern Tasmania and the strengths and values of the Tamar Valley. I believe that I have much to offer. 

Tasmanians want the Legislative Council to remain independent, and anyone who has observed or experienced me at work will know, without doubt, my commitment to interrogate all challenges and opportunities before me, with an independent mind. That is the role of a Legislative Councillor.

I will formally launch my campaign in February next year and until that time I will continue connecting with, and listening to the many individuals, families, communities, industry and businesses within the seat of Rosevears, to further understand the priorities of the region.


Tasmania's Parliamentary structure

The Tasmanian Parliaments structure is based on the Westminster model of the UK, it has an Upper House, known as the Legislative Council and a House of Assembly.

The Upper House can exercise a significant role within the parliamentary process by acting as a House of Review. 

The Legislative Council can apply many of the important checks and balances which uphold the system of responsible government.

There are 3 key functions within the role of a Legislative Council:

to represent the people, to legislate and to scrutinise the executive government.

It provides an alternative and complementary system of representation to that of the Legislative Council.